Thursday, April 15, 2021

Week In Review

We have had fun this week creating our Classroom Amazon Rainforest. The children have completed the Forest Floor Layer and the Understory Layer. We are currently working on the Canopy Layer. Some of the animals in our rainforest include: ants, jaguars, tarantulas, tapirs, anteaters, snakes, and red eyed tree frogs. We have also had lessons on landmarks in South America and we created Apple Pop Art. 

Painting our rainforest

Making an ant out of spoons and pipe cleaners

Creating paper chain snakes

Painting a tree

Coloring a tarantula

Coloring a jaguar

                                                                         Coloring a jaguar
Coloring a tarantula

Researching about tapirs

Friday, April 9, 2021

Week in Review

Spring is here!!! We are ready to enjoy it and learn. This month we are going to learn about the continent of South America, reptiles, amphibians, and the artist Andy Warhol. This week the students learned about the characteristics of reptiles, types, and answered questions about them. We introduced the continent of South America and identified the names of the countries that make up the puzzle map. We began our classroom project creating a diorama about the first layer of the Amazon rainforest, "Forest floor".

                                              Matching alphabet beginning sound.

                                              Push pinning a bunny outline.

                                             Practicing beating with a whisk.

                                             Matching picture/word and writing them.

                                             Matching picture/words and tracing them.

                                              Completing a rainforest puzzle.

                                              Screw bolts and nuts by sizes.

                                             Doing research about forest animals.

                                             Finding a pair of rhyming words.

                                            Creative hands with rubber bands.


                                              Tracing the sandpaper letters on the notebook.

Thursday, March 18, 2021

Week in Review

This has been an eventful week!

We have been having fun learning about Asia, especially the countries of Japan and India. The children had lessons on the culture of each country and the flags. In Science, they had lessons on the parts of the chicken and the life cycle of the chicken. Wednesday was a short day, however we managed to get a lesson in about the hummingbird and made a cute necklace for St. Patrick's Day. We hope everyone has a safe and fun Spring Break Week!!!

Working with the Color Box II

Making Patterns with Magnets

Practicing Locking and Unlocking

Working with the Binomial Cube

Matching Fabrics with the Fabric Box

Transferring Rice using a Funnel

Hammering Pegs

Hammering and Building Patterns

Building CVC Words with the Alphabet Step Board

Making a Pattern with Shapes

Using Fine Motor to attach Pipes

Friday, March 12, 2021

Week in Review

What a warm and beautiful week!!! This week the students continued exploring the continent of Asia, learning about the landmarks and differents kinds of Asian food. In Science they learned about different kinds of birds and their beaks, and compared them with tools. We colored one of the most famous paintings, "The Great Wave"of the Japanese artist Hokusai .

                                             Hammering shapes to follow a pattern.

                                              Sorting the animals habitat in air, land, and water.

                                              Working with the Geometric Solids.

                                               Tracing alphabet letters on the step board.

                                            Developing fine motor skills in Practical Life.

                                             Setting up the Color Box Two.

                                              Building CVC words with a puzzle.

                                             Hammering shapes to build a pattern. 

                                              Building CVC words with a puzzle.

                                              Building blends with puzzle words.

                                             Building number families with the 100 board.

                                              Building words with a puzzle.

                                              Building number families with the 50 board.

                                             Building CVC words with the step board.


Thursday, March 4, 2021

Week in Review

 Happy March!

This week we began our study of Birds, Asia, and the artist Hokusai. We had lessons on the parts and the characteristics of a bird, the continent puzzle of Asia: naming the countries, and animals that live in Asia. We ended the week with a fun parade celebrating Read Across America Day! The children had fun watching the older children in their costumes. We finished the day with popsicles.

Push Pinning a Shamrock

Silly Sentences

Finger Transfer

Parts of the Bird


Push Pinning Africa

Coloring the Rainbow

Putting Coins in the Bank

Building Words on the Alphabet Step Board

Painting, Hokusai's Great Wave on the Easel

Peppa Pig

Fox in Socks



Having Fun watching the Parade

Pete the Cat

Harry Potter

A Beautiful Butterfly

Enjoying our Special Popsicles after Lunch